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Gardening In Gucci

Winter in my Hamptons garden was way too long.  Felt like my lawn was covered with several feet of snow and ice for months.  I was so excited to get started on my plant purchases I ordered quite a few annuals and perennials online while the local nurseries were still closed.

One warm spring day, I found myself outside planting recently delivered impatiens plugs before I realized I hadn't changed into my gardening clothes and shoes.  It's not the first time I was either over overdressed or underdressed gardening.  

Quite often my sneakers or leather shoes end up drying by the front door after an impromptu gardening activity. And I'm so used to wearing my slippers out into the garden first thing in the morning that I now only buy those with rubber soles.

I'm not one for sitting long by the pool in the summer months. With pruners always nearby, I routinely jump out of the water in swimsuit to trim a shrub or deadhead a perennial.  

I do like a nice comfortable, broken-in pair of Gucci loafers,  but the leather uppers and soles aren't so practical in the mud.  Now if Gucci could make an all-rubber version, I'd probably never take them off.


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