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Snow Day

Evergreens look gorgeous flocked in white.
Kousa dogwood coated in new snowRemember when the term "snow day" was an exciting proclamation.  No school, crawling back into bed, afternoons playing in the snow, tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch. But as an adult, snow days are not always that fun.  Today is another snow day here in the Hamptons.  My business projects will be delayed.  My dinner with friends cancelled.  No crawling back into bed before the sidewalks are shoveled and the dogs walked.

The large snowflakes are pretty as they fall this morning, but they just add another layer of white to the foot of snow already covering the ground.  It's been weeks since I've seen my lawn.  Many shrubs are distorted and weighted to the ground under the heavy accumulation.  The icy driveway makes the uphill drive to the car park a real challenge.  Snow days are not so much fun anymore.

Now that the sidewalks are clear and the pups have been out, maybe I'll crawl back into bed with a good book only to get up for a lunch of hot soup and a cheesy panini

Haven't seen my lawn in weeks.

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